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A Process to Inform Your Landlord About Your ESA Dog - Guide 2022

So, you have an emotional support dog, do you? And you are looking for a landlord who will accept you with your ESA?

Well, that is not hard at all. Really!

You might be a little anxious about telling your landlord about your ESA dog but in truth, it should not cause you a problem at all.

Legally, you have every right to keep an ESA in your apartment. And no landlord can stop you. Unless your ESA has an emotional support dog letter.

So, to get you out of this dilemma, we should go through a few steps that will make it easy for you to approach your landlord and talk to them.

Let’s have a look.

Step 1: Learn About ESAs

The first thing that you need to do before talking to your landlord is to have all the information at hand.

Most landlords are cool with you keeping an ESA or even a normal pet, as long as it meets certain standards.

But you may come across some bothersome people who will not cooperate.

So, to face these people, you must know all about which types of ESAs are allowed and how an esa letter can help you.

Step 2: Learn About Your Legal Rights

As I have already mentioned, you have every right, legally, to keep an ESA in your apartment or house.

No landlord can stop you just because they don’t have an animal around.

There is a federal law known as the Fair Housing Act, under which landlords have to make an exception on their animal policy for ESAs.

Before you confront your landlord, you should check out all the details about this and know what rights are given to you by the law.

Step 3: Communication is the Key

Some landlords don’t want to be uncooperative or make your life a living hell. They just don’t understand why you need an ESA.

Not many people even know the difference between a normal pet and an ESA. Or what an ESA even is.

So, you need to explain this concept to your landlord and make them understand that your ESA is not troublesome.

You should have an ESA that is both well-groomed and well-mannered.

As long as your emotional support animal letter is genuine, you should have no trouble at all.

Step 4: Explain Your Condition

Again! Your landlord may not even know that you have a mental health condition. This means that they certainly won’t understand you keeping animals in their beloved home.

So, before you go to your landlord, prepare yourself to talk about your condition.

I know it can be really hard. So, you don’t have to make it very personal.

Just explain how you feel unwell and that your beloved dog does wonders for you.

Step 5: Explain the Importance of an ESA

Ok, so even if you do explain your condition successfully, it may not be enough to convince your landlord. Why? Because you haven’t really talked about your ESA.

So, you see, the landlord has no idea how crucial your dog is to you. And it is up for you to explain.

Make sure that you point out exactly how your ESA is helpful to you. And why you absolutely need it by your side all the time.

Step 6: Provide Proof

Finally, the last step in convincing your landlord that you are in genuine need of an ESA is to show them your ESA certification which can also be referred to as the esa letter for


Since this letter is issued by a licensed medical healthcare professional, it will surely convince your landlord that you are a genuine case.

In Case of Non-Compliance!

This can happen in many cases so be prepared.

Step 1: Contact HUD

The HUD is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and it can help you in cases where you are being denied your legal rights.

Contacting this department will be really helpful to you because you can gather lots of information about your rights.

Also, these people can guide you and give your advice on what to do next.

Step 2: Check the Rules

It is always a good option to check the rules and regulations. Just in case you are not qualified for legal protection after all.

You see, in order for your ESA to qualify for living with you, it needs to be well-mannered and well-behaved.

It cannot pose a danger to other people living in the same building. It should not have any aggressive tendencies. And it should not have any diseases.

Step 3: File a Complaint

In most cases, you will qualify for having legal protection against pesky landlords so than what you can do is you can file a complaint against them.


Once you contact the HU, tell them about your problem and how uncooperative your landlord is.

They will ask you if you want to file an official complaint. Say yes and look at how easily your problems are solved.

How Do You Get This ESA Letter, then?

But for all of this to occur, you will need an ESA letter. Not an ESA registration which is just a farce created to scam you off your money.

You can easily get the esa letter online as long as the website you contact is genuine. They will connect you to a professional healthcare expert.

This expert will evaluate you and check if you need an ESA or not.

The majority of the people qualify in this step and get to enjoy the company of their own personal companion.

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