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The employees of the City of New Iberia are a group of hard working and dedicated employees who take pride in their community.  With service and community in their heart, they tend to the business of the city in which they love.

Our city departments and important phone numbers can be accessed from the links to the right of this screen. This is your directory for information and services. Bookmark it — we’re certain it will come in handy.

We invite you to take advantage of everything we have to offer in the Queen City of the Bayou Teche. Our commitment to you begins right here!

 Office of the Mayor   (337) 369-2300

 City Court   (337) 369-2334

 City Prosecutor (337) 369-2333

 Community Development  (337) 369-2350

 Compliance (337) 369-2313

 Finance  (337) 369-2361

 Fire  (337) 369-2370

 Inspection & Permits  (337) 369-2354

 Municipal Civil Service  (337) 369-2351

New Iberia Police Department (337) 369-2306

 Parks & Recreation  (337) 369-2337

 Planning & Zoning  (337) 369-2330

 Public Works  (337) 369-2391

 Tax & Licensing  (337) 369-2341

 Waste Water    (337)-369-2362

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