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The Tax Office is responsible for the collection of property and sales taxes within the City Of New Iberia. As part of the Finance Department, the Tax Office is obligated to safeguarding city funds and providing full accountability to the taxpayers.

Cedra Davenport and her staff work year round with the Parish Assessor's Office to maintain and update tax information on secured and unsecured property to insure fairness and accuracy to the people of the City.

The Tax Office also oversees paving and sewerage assessments, processing of tall grass complaints, occupational licenses and alcohol applications and permits.

For additional information and forms please click on the links below.

Alcohol Permits

Alcohol Permit links

Bar Card application

Beer/Liquor permit

Business Licenses

Occupational License Application 

Permit Renewal Online

Residential Business Licenses

Local Tax Information

Real Estate Tax Information

**Auction of Adjudicated Property**

Cedra Davenport,
City Tax Collector, Tax Office
457 E. Main Street; Suite 304
New Iberia, LA 70560-3700
Phone: (337) 369-2341
Fax: (337) 373-3113

Pay City Taxes HERE 

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